Grading of Wiki Pages

The following chart shows the categories and scales of the elements for your grade on the Wiki assignment. This may or may not be your Final Grade, depending on any additional marks you may receive for extra work.

Sources & Citations
Use of citations within text; adequate use of sources, including selectivity of academic over general sources;
sufficient external links with preference to .edu sites
Breadth of Content
Definition and introductory comments; division of elements and use of headings; description of terms/concepts
including examples; additional materials that would inform the topic
Format & Layout
Use of headings, division of sections clearly identified; additional images, lists and other media; balance of "white space"
and use of font size; other features that assist navigating the page (such as Table of Contents)
Spelling & Grammar
Attention to punctuation, spelling and grammar

Final Score

Welcome to Your New Writing Wiki!

Many students are familiar with Wikipedia (and are even inclined to use it as a source for their research writing) but may not realize that a Wiki is simply a collaborative environment to build and share information. This site will introduce you to the process of wiki writing and offer you the opportunity to contribute to building an information environment on "aspects and issues in academic writing."
Your assignment for this term is to contribute a page in the wiki on any aspect of writing, from grammar to style to advice.


Getting Started

  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on this page.
  • To change your wiki's colors or theme, click on Manage Wiki and Look and Feel.

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.

How to decorate your Wiki?

  • Click style text to modify your letters, such as colors, size, font etc



  • Click "file" to add images and photos from the Internet(click ”‘external image“ and enter the web address ) or from your computer(click "Updated Files" and choose images from your computer).

  • .png
  • Add link bylink.png

Then insert link from Wiki or other website link by entering the website address.


  • Insert table byfuck.png

Embed a Table of Contents

Embeding a table of contents in your page will creat a set of link to jump to sections you write.This will help a lot for you and your readers when reading the page.
Step1:Make sure each of your section headings's font is "Heading",not "Normal".
Step2:click this icon widget.png and choose "Table of Contents"

Step3:click"Embed Table of Contents"
Then you will see table.png on the right of your page.Last,choose "Save" and you will see the final decoration

You can put this "Table of Contents" at the begining of your article or after the introduction.

Extra Marks

Students will recieve extra grade for modifying this section with helpful information on how to use the wiki.

how to link internal page within the wiki.
if you want to link some words in your article to that of another student, you can choose the words you want to link and click "link"

on the top of the edit window, then choose the one you need from the "choose an exsiting page".

hope it's helpful to you~


Avoid peacock and weasel terms

When writing Wiki, try to Avoid peacock terms that show off the subject of the article without containing any real information. Similarly, avoid weasel words that offer an opinion without really backing it up, and which are really used to express a non-neutral point of view.
Examples of peacock terms
an important...
one of the most prestigious...
one of the best...
the most influential...
a significant...
the great...
Examples of weasel words
Some people say... widely regarded as... widely considered...
...has been called...
It is believed that...
It has been suggested/noticed/decided...
Some people believe...
It has been said that...
Some would say...
Legend has it that...
Critics say that...
Many/some have claimed...
Believe in your subject. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Information above is shamelessly quoted from the site
Tips to write better Wiki articles are also contained. Hope it's helpful.

Tip 2 Tame Your Discussion Tab

Like any part of your wiki, your Discussion tab is a flexible tool. It can be a vital communication hub, where you record critical conversations and make crucial decisions. Or it can be a casual meeting place, giving you a chance to share opinions and gossip with the other people using your wiki. If you want, it can even disappear altogether. How you use it is up to you. Understanding your options? That’s where we can help.
Where is my Discussion tab? What does it do? What can I make it do?external image discussiontabs.pngThe Discussion tab lets you have a conversation, like on a message board. One person can start a topic or pose a question, then other people can add to that comment, or start new topics of their own.
When your wiki is fresh out of the box, there is a separate Discussion tab for every page on your wiki. It’s a great option if you have different kinds of work happening on different pages, or if each page is built for a different group. But if your whole wiki is a single project for a single team, or if you want all the chatter as well as the work to happen on the pages themselves instead of in a separate section, it’s easy to change those settings:
  1. When you’re logged in as organizer of your wiki, go to Manage Wiki.
  2. Under Settings, click Wiki Info.
  3. Scroll down to Discussion Settingsand make your choice:
    • No discussion pagesis pretty self-explanatory.
    • One discussion page for the whole wiki removes your Discussion tabs and adds a Discussionlink to your Actions menu, between New Page and Recent Changes. No matter where someone is in your wiki, clicking this link will take them to the same Discussion page.
    • One discussion tab per page will put the tabs back on all your pages.
  4. Hit Save.
external image discussion1.pngWhat can I put in a discussion post?Words, pictures, and files. The words part is simple. To add pictures and files, you need wikitext.
Say I’ve uploaded an image to my wiki, and it’s called happy.png. If I want to use it as an image, I would add it to my comment by typing,
If I just wanted to link to the image, so that other users could download it, I would add it to my comment by typing,
external image discussion2.pngAnd that will work for any image or any file that you’ve uploaded to the wiki.
In fact, any wikitext formatting will work in comments.
Who can join the conversation?That depends on your permissions settings:
  1. When you’re logged in as organizer of your wiki, go to Manage Wiki.
  2. Under People, click Permissions.
    • If your wiki is Public or Protected, only logged-in members of that wiki can post to a discussion — unless you check the “Allow message posts from non-members” box. In that case, any logged-in user will be able to contribute to the discussion, whether they’re a member of your wiki or not.
    • If you have a Super-plan wiki or your wiki is on a Private Label site, you can adjust your Customdiscussion settings.
    • If your wiki is Private, only members of that wiki will even be able to see it, let alone edit pages or post discussions.
  3. Once you’re happy with your settings, click the Update button.
I like where this is going, but how can I moderate discussions?As an organizer, you have two tools for moderating discussions: Notifications, and the Delete option.

Curveball time: We had a great discussion about this page last year. This year, I want to have a new discussion about the same page. Can I do that?Sure you can:
  1. Rename your page.
  2. Create a new page, and give it the name you liked for your original page.
  3. Copy everything on the original page into the new page.
Now you’re ready to start over, with a fresh Discussion tab and a fresh History.


1. How can I add images?

To upload:
1) Click on the Insert Images and Files icon in the Editor;
2) Under "Unload New File" click Browse to find your image file in your computer;
3) Browse to file to upload;
4) Click Upload;
5) Done. File appears in list above and is ready to use.

To insert the image into your page:
1) Click on the Insert Image and File icon in the Editor;
2) Click the Insert the File radio button;
3) Double click on the file you want to insert;
4) The image is now inserted into your page.

2. How do I tag files?

1) Select Manage Wiki;
2) Under Content, select Files;
3) Check the box that says, Show Tags, History, and Size;
4) Next to the file you would like to tag, click Edit;
5) Type in your tags, pressing comma or enter between tags;
6) Click the Save button to save your tags.

The above tips are directly quoted from: