What is good business writing?

It' s generally accepted that a good business writing should abide by the following principles: Accurate, Brief, Clear and Decisive.

What is involved in good writing?


Writing business emails is different from writing personal emails. The challenge is to communicate a message concisely and in the right style. When can you start the email with Hi Michael and when with Dear Mr King?

Memos and Reports

These share some characteristics in terms of style and language although memos are usually internal and written to teams or groups of people. The sructure of a report is a key factor as reports often have to convey complex information to the reader.

Bussiness Letters

Despite the huge increase in email, there are still situations where it is more appropriate to write letters. Aplications for jobs are still often made by letter as are complaints about products and services.The style of letters is considerably more formal than that of business emails.