The process of Writing

1.Defination:The process of writing an essay is the proccesure of creating an extended essay or assignment. It's about choosing a topic, reasching for relevant materials, organizing the structure, writing drafs, revising drafts, providing references. Learning the process of writing could help students becoming efficient in their writing, as well as help them accomplishing writing in an easy and relaxing way.
2. Types of essayNarratative Essay, Persuasive Essay, Compare and Contrast Essay, Expository Essay, Defination Essay.
3.Procedures of creating an essay
A. Planning your essaylAnalysis your question and decide your topicBefore you actually start to make a structure of your essay, it's essential to read question carefully, analysis it, clarify the words that you're unsure of, dig deep of the theme and try to find out the deep significance behind it. However, it you don't have a topic or any hint about what you're going to write, it's ok, don't panic, you can still find one. But that means you need to read something that you are interested in before writing, because that may probably inspire you. Besides, exchange ideas with others, and search on the Internet could also give you prompts. All of these may give you a direction for your writing.
Find writing topics online: After deciding what your topic is, you may start to analysis it, here are some steps that you may follow:1.Analysis the question carefully 2.Highlight the key words, find out the restricting words and instruction words.
Example[1]:: 1. instruction words 2.topic words 3. restricting words
What do you think about students going to bording school in their high school time?
3.Find out their meaning, and their relationships with other words4.Choose the key aspect of the question and establish a structure 5.Reread the essay question.
Example [2]:Here is a student's analysis map on the topic:"Aboriginal poverty can only be understood in the light of institutionalised racism" . lResearchOf course it is also very important to find out what kind of topic or question it is, and then start to gather information about it.
lBrainstorming, listed your ideas
lchoose a central theme and its supporting ideas for your essay
A. Writing your essay outline IntroductionƒBody conclusion
B. Complete your essay
4. Possible relevant resources:
5. References: