Linking of Paragraphs

An essay is made up of paragraphs, so the writer must think about an expanded structure, and establish a natural link so that the main idea in each of the paragraph acts truly in supporting and developing the central point expressed in the thesis statement in the opening.

Linking of paragraphs means using references, repetitions and transitions to assist the writer by joining together paragraphs to clarify relationships between main ideas.Here are three basic ways to create transitions between paragraphs.

1.Use a pronoun that refers to a person, idea, or thing just mentioned in the preceding paragraph.(he, they, this, them, those, it...)
Example:...Nor did they understand the need for keeping our plans completely secret.
Since that was a necessary condition to the success of our undertaking, thay had to be convinced...

2.Repeat a key word used in the preceding paragraph or a phrase referring directly to the preceding idea.
Example:Third, the board of
directers agreed to offer mr grey the presidency of the air line.
When the offer was made, it was not immediately accepted...

3.Use transitions.the following are frecuentely used:
Explanation:now, thus, for, in this case
Emphasis:indeed, certainly, above all
Illustration:for example, for instance, thus
Contrast:in contrast, on the other hand, instead, unlike
Summation:in conclusion, to sum up, all in all, finally
Li, Guanli.A New English Course 6. 2nd rev. ed.Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2010.

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