Include a Tag Cloud in a Wikispace Page

The Tag Cloud could help you see the tags posed to each page of your Wikispace. When you adding tags make sure that you type the key words that people would probably search for or find on the pages where the texts are.
You can see from the picture that all the tags are on it to be viewed. What’s more, the bigger size the tags are the more pages are tagged with it. It helps to show which tag does the people interested in.
Here are the steps:
First press the button “Edit”
Then find the “Text Editor” and press it.

At the end of your text, type the following codes and save it:

This is the first way of including a Tag Cloud
There is also another way, which is to press the “Embed Widget” in the edition bar.
Then a table will come out. Click on “Wikispaces”


Find “Tag Cloud” and click it


Click on “Embed Tag Cloud” at the lower right corner. The ” code will directly show up at the bottom of you are text editing.

Don’t forget to save your page after doing all these steps.