How to Write the Ending

A good composition, except for fascinating beginning, still should have the intriguing of ending.

The end is important for the article, it is close contact to full text, a good ending can prominent and deepen the theme, further emphasize the article central. Some articles on the concluding paragraph does not require specific. For example, time sequence of the narrative, usually with the passage of time, the story to ending, therefore this paragraph naturally became part of the end of the article. However, most of the articles all need the concluding paragraph, and have many ways to write the end.

Writing techniques

l Beginning and end is called echo.

The concluding paragraph should not be simple and repeated earlier content. We should satisfy the reader’s expectation that read the beginning of this article. For example, if the begin is asking a question then ends for readers answer: Norman cousins in “The Right to Die”, this beginning is ask a question:
ü “Does an individual have the obligation to go on living even when the beauty and meaning and power of life have gone?” this ending is “Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. The unbearable tragedy is to live without dignity or sensitivity.”
ü Another emple: Therefore, Mr. Wang is the teacher I most respected because of the way he communicated with students, the way he challenged them, and the way he spent his own free time helping them.
As the sun rose to signal the start of a new day, I walked away, not feeling at all tired but instead fulfilled. The beach had offered me all of her beauty, and the night we spent together would remain a pleasant memory always.

l reference type
Such ending the effete is emphasize the article central and make the reader to thought-provoking.
ü Example: The drug epidemic seems to be the shadow of an end-of-century plague. It is part of a larger set of social problems that medical advance have done little to solve. As Horace Sutton has said, “May ahead materially, we have done poorly in combating social diseases. It is a branch of medical science in which no Nobel Prizes are given ”

l Comment way
According to the face of articleeither from the concrete expand to general make hidden meaning to clear, or put forward a warning and caution in the article ending
ü Example: We have found that violence on prime-time network TV cultivates exaggerates assumption about the threat of danger in the real world. Fear is universal emotion, and easy to exploit. The exaggerated sense of risk and insecurity may lead to increasing demands for protection and to increasing pressure for the use of force by established authority. Instead o threatening the social order, television may have because our chief instrument of social control.

l remedial measures
TO question of reasoning’s come up with remedial measures, and gives the reader of thoughtful opportunities.
ü Example : If the leading citizens in a community would make it a point to visit their state prison, talk with the warden, then return to their communities with a batter understanding of actual down-to-earth prison problems, they would have taken one of most important and most effective steps toward a solution of our crime problem.

l Suggest ways
In the concluding paragraph with the way of advice for looking into the future. Because such advice still closely around themes, so can often cause readers' resonance.
ü Example:The physically handicapped have the liabilities of a minority group. Shouldn’t they be given the rights of a minority group? The answer is affirmative. It is time the action was also.

l Asking question
In the end asking one or several question what can inspire the reader continuing to thinking according the content of the above.
ü example:What, then, will happen in the twenty-first century when most of the population will be over sixty years old? Retirement policies could change dramatically, with the age-sixty-five testimonial dinner and gold watch postponed for five or ten years. Even television would change as the Genitor generation replaces the Pepsi generation. Glamorous gray-haired models would sell everything from toilet paper to television. Now soap operas and situation comedies would reveal the secrets of the “sunset years.” It will be a different world indeed when young finally find themselves outnumbered.


We cannot exactly to point out what the ending is the best - because it mainly depends on writing purpose. No matter how way of ending, final section is final chance to help the reader to clearly understand the article. Sometimes, some words or phrases become the beginning for end, like “finally, thus, in concluding, we can then...”.

In sum, the concluding paragraph is a whole article's final part--- a good ending segment is a tranquil and natural end, the author without explicitly told readers "my article is over", but should put "natural ending" feeling for the audience.

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