CV For A College Leaver
Job application is usually made by sending a covering letter, together with a curriculum vitae, known as a CV for short.
Here, CV for a school leaver will be discussed in particular.
The curriculum vitae is a short account of the details of an job applicant's life, laid out in a clear form.The objective is to achieve a chance of interview. The post applied for does not need to be involved in the CV.

Major Components:

  • Personal information:In general,it may include: name,gender,date of birth,marital status,address,telephone number,E-mail address,etc.

  • Education: a precise record of schools and colleges the applicatant attended (names, time,etc.).

  • Work experience: a precise record of positions the applicator held( names, time,etc.).

  • Qualification: it may include degrees, awards the applicant achieved(names, time,etc.).

  • Reference: information of people who will write a reference for the applicant(names,titles,addresses,telephone number,etc.).

  • Other necessary information can also be included.

  1. remarkable headings of components.
  2. clear layout of components in order.
  3. recording time in the order of near to far.
  4. principles of honesty but inpressiveness and convincingness.

Tips:Showing individuality can make the CV stand out, and impress the potential employer. However, it is also risky, since the CV may be submitted to a stiff and solemn employer, who might think it not formal. Do read the requirement for the CV writing with care, if the company has offered some. To follow the standard format is more suggested.

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