There are many kinds of English writing styles, and the main four styles are : narration, description, argumentation and exposition. Among the four styles, argumentation is the most logical one. Here I would like to focus on this subject and give you a holistic view of argumentation.


Argumentation is a kind of writing style that explains the view or standpoint of a writer with logic, inference and evidence. Rather than narration and description, argumentation is more likely to put forward a positive proposition, or refute the wrong proposition of others. In general, people who write an argumentation have an intention to persuade others, especially those disagree with them, to agree with their views through a debate or negotiation.
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An argumentation should include six components:
Among the six components, generally speaking, the first three are the most important components. A claim is the view or conclusion that established by the writer. For example, if someone tried to convince others that he is a student, then the claim should be "I am a student". Then, if he wants to make his claim more convincible, he needs to provide some data. So data is the evidence and facts that support a claim. For example, as the claim "I am a student" goes, we can support this claim by adding such data:"I am studying Law in Oxford University." At last, warrant is a process that using data to prove the claim. As the example above, if we want to move from the data" I am studying Law in Oxford University," to the claim"I am a student," we need to use warrant to connect the gap between "data"and "claim"with a statement" A person who is studying Law in Oxford University is a student ."

Kinds of Argumentation

Based on different proof methods, argumentation can be divided into two kinds: argument and refutation.

1. Argument

A writer expresses his propositions openly as well as supports it with efficient evidence by putting forward a view which directly against an event or question.



2. Refutation

Refutation is to against others' opinions directly, by refuting the opposite opinions the writer can put forward his own views.

Opinion: Money is everything.
Refutation: Money is not everything. If money is everything, why cannot we buy time and love? So money is not everything.
How to Write an Argumentative Essay?
The following steps may help you:
1) Chose your topic carefully
2) Narrow and focus on your topic
3) Try to analyze your readers
4) Use different evidence types
5) Express your judgment
6) Dig deeper
7) Revise repeatedly.
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Template of an Argumentative Essay

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